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Passionate coach with over 7 years of international coaching experience, working with kids and the communities around them to create the best possible outcome for everyone. Great motivator and leader, showing strong team and individual work, both on and off the court. Very quick learner and very adaptable to any culture. Coached in Serbia, Romania, China, and some individual works in the USA.

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2020    Basketball Coach & General Manager           Ž.K.K. Đerdap

I took over the role of General Manager and coach of the female basketball team of Kladovo, and since my arrival, I tripled the number of kids that are practicing in our club and managed to work out a few sponsorship deals for equipment. With a successful U18 season over, we managed to keep most of our players and add them to our player’s coach system where they become assistant coaches for current youth coaches and learn the craft.

2020    Basketball Coach                        Slam Basketball Academy

Being back in Romania for the first time in 4 years, a lot of things have changed. Basketball grew more popular and the talent started to show up on bigger stages. I have been assigned to the U13, U15, and U18 boys and girls teams, with which we managed to be in the Top 10 in the nation for U18 Boys, Top 15 in the nation for U13 boys, and Top 8 in the nation for U15 girls. We also held a camp at the start of the season in the mountains of Izvoru Muresului.

2019    Basketball Coach           United States Basketball Academy

As the first none-American foreigner to work for USBA, I am very proud of my accomplishments and thankful to have worked with such a great organization. We were preparing kids from the age of 4 to the age of 21 for their journey to enroll in an American college or high school.

2018    Basketball Coach    Youth Basketball Development League

Moving to Zhuhai was easy as I had already a year of experience in China, and I was able to quickly establish my basketball system and get the coaches and assistant coaches to follow the plan. With many internal tournaments and two camps, and a clinic for the coaches, we managed to grow the club to over 200 kids and 9 foreign coaches with over 15 assistant coaches. I coached kids from 4 to 18 years of age.

2017    Basketball Coach                      Youth Global Sports Club

Arriving in China was a big step for me personally but I fell in love with the country and the way of doing things in China. I coached kids from the age of 4 to 18, and besides coaching the kids I coached the Chinese Coaches as well. Conducted two camps and two coaching clinics during my stay in Jingzhou and Xianning. We managed to grow our club from 2 coaches and 20 kids to 5 coaches and 150 kids.

2016    Basketball Coach                        C.S. Heart

Coaching in another country brought some new challenges including a bit of a language barrier that was quickly overcome with basketball. I was coaching the U10, U12, and U18 boys teams. With practices daily and matches on the weekends, we made a lot of progress in a bit over a year, where we placed respectfully in the national league and won a few friendly cups. Managed to popularize the game of basketball in the city of Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania, growing the club from 30 to 105 kids.

2013    Basketball Coach                      K.K. Đerdap

Starting as a first-year coach it took me some time and mentorship to adjust from being a professional player to being a coach. I have been given the responsibility of coaching the U10 boy’s team and U14 girls team. After a year of coaching, I was added to the senior team as an Assistant Basketball Coach, being part of the team that won 2 years in a row second place in the East Men’s 2nd Division.



2018    Basketball Coaching
                  Coaching Licence Nr.7248                                                      

Faculty of Sports, Belgrade

Present    Basketball Coaching

College of  Sport and Medicine, Belgrade