Srđan Šolkotović

Basketball Coach


Basketball Coach In Serbia

Working in Serbia always has a special feeling to it. It is a country filled with talent and it is a challenge for every coach to make a name for themselves here.
I worked for:
2020-2022 Ž.K.K. Đerdap Kladovo
2013-2016 K.K. Đerdap Kladovo

Basketball Coach In Romania

Romania has a different approach to sports, but in the end with a lot of effort and quality coaches, there are endless possibilities for the athletic kids of Romania.
I worked for:
2022-Present Slam Basketball Academy
2019-2020 SBA Bucharesti
2016-2017 C.S. Heart Drobeta Turnu Severin

Basketball Coach in China

The wast country of China holds hidden gems of basketball on every corner. It was an adventure of a lifetime working with some of the best in that gorgeous country.
I worked for:
2017-2018 YGSC JingZhou & Xianning
2018-2019 YBDL Zhuhai
2019-2019 USBA Foshan


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